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Oh! Is it that dreaded laundry day again? Well I’m here to tell you that you can leave all of that unwanted process to us and we will be more than glad to take care of it for you! First off, we will pick up your clothes from your home or apartment. Then, we will sort your colors from your whites. Once your clothes are washed and dried, they will be neatly folded and packaged and ready to be dropped off.
If you have a special item that  needs to be washed such as comforters, pillows, or blankets send it our way! We will take care of those special items with the care they require. Just keep in mind that these item require a different type of handling so we will charge you by the piece not by the pound.
We customize our service to fit your needs. We are here to service you weekly,bi-weekly, monthly, or you can let us know what you prefer and we will cater to you. Delivery will be done 24-48 hours after your clothes are picked up.

Folding Shirts
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